Caught From Space

What else can you see from space other than the Great Wall of China?


An elaborate ‘prank’ from the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) 143 SQN is now being immortalised in Google Earth and seen from space.

Edit: It was confirmed that 143 SQN made the stunt.

In Exercise Hotshot 2016, a biannual inter fighter squadron competition, crew from 143 SQN placed what seems to be white rolls of toilet paper/cloth in the bombing court of Pulau Pawai island, where fighters will fire their guns and drop their practice bombs.

The ‘graffiti’ says ‘FG We Dare’, citing Fighter Group and 143 Squadron’s motto. In Exercise Hotshot, squadrons go all out to be the best fighter squadron and they earn points for instilling spirit de corp and team spirit as well.

The words are strategically placed as all fighters comes in from a East-West heading, hence pilots will have no choice but to see those words staring through their HUD.

Ironically, it was 140 SQN that clinched the Best Fighter Squadron as well as numerous air-ground pilot awards. 143 SQN won the Best Fighter Spirit segment. Congratulations!

Thanks to Marcus Chen for the heads up.


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