RSAF Now Has 2 F-15 Squadrons

The Republic of Singapore Air Force now has two F-15SG squadrons, 149 SQN “Shikra” and the recently announced 142 SQN “Gryphon”.

142 SQN was RSAF’s first A-4 squadron and also the last to fly the upgraded A-4SU Super Skyhawk in 2005, it was also stood down the same year. 142 SQN was RSAF Operational Conversion Unit (OCU) for the A-4 as well as serving air to ground attack roles.


11 years later, the Gryphon’s wings spreads again on the F-15SG. Pilots with patches of 142 SQN were publicised training in Thailand at Exercise Cope Tiger 2016. F-15 with 142 emblem were also spotted by our sharp eyed spotters.


Honour and Glory! (Note the SAF Commando also share the same motto )




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