Too Many Airbases?

  There is no such thing as too many airbases in the realm of air power generation. The recent news of Tengah Airbase being expanded westwards has raised some eyebrows. 800 hectares of land will be returned to the government in return for 108 ha west of Tengah air base. Thus leaving the RSAF with…

Army Open House – Spot the Hardware

The Army Open House (AOH) is back after five years. This year as before, the event is held at the F1 Pitstop, and although I am not a big fan of this site, the organisers have very good reasons to make it as accessible to the public as possible. The key highlight of any open…

Preview Pics of JS Izumo

I had the privilege to visit JS Izumo (DDH183) just a day after it arrived, here in Singapore. She will be participating in the IMDEX and International Maritime Review before heading to the Indian Ocean for Ex. Malabar.

Happy RSN 50

Wishing the Republic of Singapore Navy 50th birthday on May 5 2017. They have also released a new MTV for the Navy Song on their Facebook page. In it has some new and unseen footage from the 3rd generation navy worth taking a second look. Navy Song      

Why LIMA Could be Asian RIAT

The Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) is the world’s largest independent military air show. A gathering of air forces from across the globe, the annual event draws crowd from all places to the sleepy town of Swindon, England. Flying is all day long, and one could book a seat at one of the stands right…

Heron 1 FOC

The Republic of Singapore Air force Heron 1 attained Full Operational Capability on 15 March 2017. A great use of the Singapore Flag that is usually seen on national day, the State Flag gave the hanger a great sense of duty and purpose.