RSAF Unveils Ex-Top Ace Tail Flashes

Last night the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) unveiled in their Facebook page the latest tail flashes from the fighter squadron in the annual inter squadron competition, Exercise Top Ace 2014.

10157263_516775515097644_8850060452292097435_n copy

This year is probably the first time RSAF officially unveils the respective tail flashes to the public, before, it was local spotters or even foreign photographers were the first to see these beauty before the public does. At the same time, the RSAF also released up to date pictures from other inter squadron competition including Exercise Flaming Arrow for Ground Based Air Defence squadrons and Exercise Top Notch for UAV squadrons.

All five fighter squadrons from Fighter Wing, Air Combat Command, are in full force to do up their tail flashes this year.



140 Squadron– RSAF’s most established fighter unit stuck with their unit colour of black and red. A move from 2013, this year they included the squadron’s emblem, the Osprey. Its red eye however kind of put me off a little, resembling a possessed creature. In my opinion, 2013’s simple red and black tail flash (below) with black canopy frame has a better sense of style to it.



10155204_516775525097643_8124512334140241511_n143 Squadron– The squadron has stylized their emblem into a blade wielding flaming phoenix. A pity would be the rather crude paintwork to cover up the original emblem, leaving an obvious dark grey diamond square at the back.10157263_516775515097644_8850060452292097435_n144 Squadron– Despite being called the Black Kites, 144 Sqn opted for the F-5’s namesake, the Tiger. Probably by far the most colourful tail flash on a F-5 compared to last year’s Tiger yellow silhouette, and of course the stripped 30 year anniversary marking. AT press time, this marking has the highest number of public votes, ‘Likes’ . Do note there seems to have a second darker grey markings below the vertical stabilizer, a stripped camo perhaps? 
10174841_516775521764310_7636621545225236897_n 145 Squadron– 145 also has decided to include their friendly mascot into the tail marking. The decal, although simple, lacked depth and contrast for a greater visual punch. Like the previous year, it is likely that the canopy frame will be painted blue as well. 10174952_516775518430977_9220253775905275947_n

149 Squadron– Aircraft 8302 was the same F-15SG that featured the famous swooping eagle decal that was spotted by our spotters(below), and you can still see the decal outline. This year, Shikra squadron has decided on a more conservative staring-eagle head, leaving much of the tail quite grey and empty.

Credits: Clubsnap-erkuan

In all, I appreciate the folks at RSAF’s Air Force Information Centre in their efforts of covering the various events and bringing us closer to the air force. Doing so will certainly improve the people’s commitment to defence. These tail flashes indeed has sparked the interest of many and I am sure aircraft modelers are rubbing their palms awaiting for the next decal sheet. At the same time, it will certainly instill much esprit de corp amongst the airmen of various squadrons.  I am looking forward to more news from RSAF Facebook page and good job in keeping our skies clear always. Above All.



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