Army Open House – Spot the Hardware

The Army Open House (AOH) is back after five years. This year as before, the event is held at the F1 Pitstop, and although I am not a big fan of this site, the organisers have very good reasons to make it as accessible to the public as possible.


The key highlight of any open house would be the Dynamic Defence Display segment, which will be taking place twice daily.

The Army will be pulling out most of its orbat out for the show, and if you see a wrecked car during the start then you are in for a treat. Probably for the first time we will get to see the Leopard 2SG and her engineer cousin flexing its muscle, crushing and shoving the scrapped car.


Also note the dozer blade fitted to the Leopard 2 ARV, the last we saw it was only fitted with the mine plough which is also on display at the static area.


mpa-9978You will also get to see all the wheeled vehicles in the Army in play, the Spider MK II Light Strike Vehicle, the new Belrex (Marauder) Protected Combat Support Vehicle, which is shown to the public for the first time, Terrex 8×8, Peacekeeper (Renault HIGUARD) and the HIMARS. Those watching on Saturday will get to see a new SAF armoured toy put to display at the D3 segment

There is a increased focus on the SAF’s counter terrorism and Special Operation Task Force this year. You will get to see them deploy via para insertion in tactical gear, and from the Ford Mobile Adjustable Ramp System. Note the black uniform with pixelated dark brown prints.



At the static area, spot the Easter eggs. On the Leopard 2 SG with their new commander sights, the new Next Generation ARV vehicle, and the rarely seen Very Slender Vessel used by the Commandos. Also note some ‘additions’ made on the Bionix which is meant to enhance training realism.  mpa--4mpa-mpa--2


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