Getting It All Up



In the domain of air warfare, he (or she) who gets the most fighting planes up in the shortest possible time gets the upper hand. This is especially important for nation with little strategic depth, where every second is the difference of winning or losing an air battle.

A key element in this year’s Exercise Torrent is the showcase of simultaneous launch and recovery of twelve fighters from 4 ‘runways’ namely the main Tengah Runway 36, Western Taxiway and Eastern Taxiway and Lim Chu Kang Road ‘Runway 01’.


This capability was exercised to a limited extend in the Air Force Open House where the Western taxiway was used with the main runway for a simulated scramble.

Exercise Torrent showcased a more proactive approach this year compared to a reactive stance where it usually simulates a damaged Runway 36 and had to use LCK Rd 01 as an alternate runway.

The deterrence message is strong, when the button is pressed, the RSAF is able to generate and airborne fighters in quick succession, about 3-4 times as fast. Imagine with Paya Lebar and Changi at play in a wartime scenario, the RSAF is able to airborne almost the entire fleet of fighters in just minutes, fight the air war and attain air superiority. 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 aircraft all within a minute.

It not only proves a great deal of APGC’s air power generation capability, but also the skill of pilots in the Air Combat Command and air space deconfliction finesse in the Air Defence and Operation Command. Project Phoenix has risen and it is ready to show its glory at Exercise Torrent 16.


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