Navy @ Vivo 16

The Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) Navy @ Vivo event is back, after the RSAF Open House in May and the Army @ Heartlands event in early June. Finally, the RSN will be deploying Formidable-class frigate RSS Tenacious (71) after two consecutive of LST at Navy @ Vivo.




2013- RSS Intrepid

2014- RSS Persistance

2015- RSS Endurance

2016 – RSS Tenacious

Tenacious is one of six frigates of the Singapore Navy and has participated in anti-piracy operations in Gulf of Aden, under the label Operation Blue Sapphire.  Tenacious sports numerous modifications to ensure she is ready for Operations Other Than War (OOTW) missions. Read them here .

She proudly bears the OBS V ribbon with a “E” for Squadron Excellence Award, and was awarded the Best Fleet Ship in the Best Unit Competition 2015.

On the ship look out for the S-70B Seahawk helicopter in the maritime security ‘layout’, with the dipping sonar and instruments removed.


On the missile deck, two racks of Harpoon anti-ship missiles are removed for the installation for two Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat and crane as it mods for maritime security duties. Also note the armour plates on the GPMG gun shield. Walk through the passageways of the frigate to see the living quarters, galley, laundry and machine control room.

Due to the naval aviation nature of the frigate, firefighting crew are equipped with two versions of protective clothing’s, the Fearnought suit for against high temperature firefights against aviation fuel and the standard FF suit.



At the shore exhibition is the Littoral Mission Vessel simulator,  the same software / system developed by Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) that was used during the design phase.


Other things to look out for is the inert TP617 Torpedo used on the submarines, at 7m, it spans across the exhibition floor , taking centre stage. The RSN submarine community celebrates their 20th year of underwater operation, and the TP617 was commemorated with signatures from past and present RSN submariners.


Navy @ Vivo will be on till this Sunday, 26 June 2106. Plenty of souvenirs to collect and pictures to snap. Thank you Navy Information Centre for facilitating the visit.


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