What to Look Out For At ROH 16 Aerial Display

Hello I’m back!

The Republic of Singapore Air Force Open House (ROH) 16 is finally back after 5 years hiatus. It will be held between 21-22 May 2016 for public visitors although some might be fortunate to get a preview the week ahead. Rehearsals has already begun since the first week of May and you might have notice increase in flying activities over Paya Lebar since.


The highlight of the ROH 16 is the aerial display which will be held twice daily, one around 10 in the morning and around 3 in the afternoon. The main segment of the aerial display is the scrambling of the four RSAF fighters, two F-16C and two F-15SG as it intercepts a stray light aircraft flying into Singapore airspace.

Post- 9/11 saw the increased threat from these privately owned aircraft, which sometimes do not require a flight plan to take off, depending on your area of operations. Any pilots with malicious intent can easily turn their aircraft heading towards the Singapore Flight Information Region and into mainland Singapore.

The RSAF works closely with the CAAS to counter such threats and is ready to deploy aircraft whenever necessary 24/7.


Despite the dramatisation of the scramble, watch how fast the crew is able to scramble start the jets in double quick time. Upon taxy, the pilots will give the audience a salute so give them a thumbs up or a wave!

Unlike 2011, the F-16 and F-15 will demonstrate alternate runway operations, with one jet on the main runway and another on the parallel taxiway. This not only showcase the expeditious take-off but also the ability to launch and recover assets in the event the main runway is down.

Watch how the F-16 escort the light aircraft to the runway, whilst exerting presence over the aircraft by carrying out a race track pattern profile over it.

At Chapter 2, observe how the Chinook and Apache appear over the treelike, catching unsuspecting ‘targets’ off guard. Even with flat features like Paya Lebar, the Apache is able to conceal itself below the treelike, imagine if there are plenty of geographical features, the Apache will be unveiling their full potential. Also note how the green on the Chinook and Light Strike Vehicle Mk II as well blended against the treeline.

Concurrently, two F-15SG will execute a multi axis strike above the Apaches, making 8G turns as it pulls away from the target area. Such evasive moves are to disorientate enemy air gunners, since the fighters will strike them from multiple directions.



Last but not least, witness the spectacular run in and break by the four fighters that took off. The profile ensures expeditious recovery of fighters, especially effective in an operational scenario.


Do not miss out this rare show by the RSAF this coming weekend, from 21-22 May 2016 and also check out the many static display on show for you to get up close and personal with . See you!





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