This Is The Future of Singapore Air Defence


This rectangular block of green is the future of Singapore’s ground based air defence, yes not any next generation missile system, but this IAI ELM-2084 Multi Mission Radar (MMR).

To understand how this radar will contribute so much to Singapore’s Island Air Defence, what is crucial will be the whole idea of “look far, see clearly and do more”. The MMR is a Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) S-band radar, with extremely powerful air surveillance range of up to 256 nautical miles, which is already comparable to the current FPS-117A radar. According to IAI, the MMR is capable for detecting slow-moving targets, low radar cross section, and high manoeuvring targets, all thanks to the S-band which enable it to discern more things in the air, in fact up to 1100 targets.

Future GBAD will have the ability to virtually shoot down anything in the skies, from planes to rockets and mortar rounds. To make this happen sensors will need to see clearly to predict and track small moving targets, in the Weapon Location Mode. Like the Arthur artillery locating radar, the MMR is able to detect hostile artillery location, as well as predicting impact points for incoming shells.

Complemented by the Giraffe AMB, Groundmaster 200 SHIKRA radar and the future Ticom 55 aerostat, the MMR and networked sensor shooter will provide a extremely high resolution air picture for air defenders. In its Fire Control mode, it will provides these valuable information to track the missiles to its target. The MMR is already designed to be a Fire Control Radar for most IAI products, the David’s Sling, SPYDER and the Iron Dome.

So behold, capping off Air Defence-trained Air Force Chief MG Hoo Cher Mou achievements, is this next generation of multi-layered air defence. With the Aster 30, SPYDER, 160 SQN, this MMR and various sensors will form an invisible impregnable dome over Singapore skies, for many years to come.


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