Specialised Marine Craft Type II- Pictures and Updates

I had the pleasure of heading to Changi Naval Base to find out more about the Republic of Singapore Navy’s (RSN) Specialised Marine Craft (SMC). Last seen at the National Day Parade, we saw the initial variant of the SMC, known as the Type I. It is later reveal that there is a production variant, known as the Type II after the RSN Facebook released a video.



As you can see the SMC sits low in the water and over half of the craft is house the power plant and water jet to give it speeds of over 30knots. The Stelop E/O is mounted on a retractable mast, and the vanes on the stick mast are intact to increase radar signature in the busy Singapore Straits.

In the glass cockpit, the commander, navigator and weapon specialist sits on the left and the coxswain sits on the right. Their consoles are touchscreen, giving them quick access to various cameras, screens to enhance their situational awareness. To fully understand the stability of the vessel, we went out to see for a ride. Since most of the heavier loads are designed to be placed as low as possible, the meta centre of the vessel is kept low. The coxswain made a hard right turn, making a full turn in less than 30m, a luxury not achievable in other RSN vessel (imagine the Victory class doing that with her tall masts).

The SMC will work closely with the Littoral Mission Vessel (LMV) as the last line of naval defence in the RSN’s layered defence concept.

More details can be seen here:

Shephard Media SMC


Jane’s SMC


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