Navy New Ad- Our Everyday is Defending Yours

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The Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) has done it again with an excellent new ad for 2015. It has returned to the narrative format of telling the Navy story, by seamlessly linking civilian quotes and actions to Navy’s daily operations and tasks, as if telling the audience that our everyday dreams and livelihood is already the Navy’s mission to defend.

Rather than a strong opening line in 2013 ” We are a maritime nation..” the 2015 edition is paired with a beautiful soundtrack and some good quotes .

As what Chief of Navy RADM Lai Chung Han mentioned in his interview with cyberpioneer, the RSN is looking to have more females signing up with the maritime force, the 2015 ad feature probably a record of 3 females RSN faces, out of the eight poster faces they handpicked. This is not counting the female ‘fresh grad’ in the ad.

I have transcribed the ad so that you can pick out some favourite moments for yourself.

Boy: I see how far we’ve come

Female RSN PV Officer: And I’ll do all I can so we go even further

Mother: Its the little things in life that matter

RSN FFG Officer: And you will always have them as we always watch over our sea lanes

Warehouse Manager: A strong network is the key to success

RSN LST Officer: And we will continue strengthening them with like minded nations

Female Fresh Grad: I can’t wait to change the world

Commissioned RSN Officer: And I will answer the call to protect it

Soccer Player: I always give everything for the team

Female RSN Officers: And we will continue to give ours to the community

Beach Girl: Its moments like these I know I will treasure

RSN NDU: And nothing will stand in my way to safeguard our way of life (in sync with NDU’s motto)

Gaming Boys: We are ready to take on anything

RSN Harpoon operator: And we are ready at any moment to defend you

RSN Commanding Officer : Singapore will always we our home, and no matter how near or far, we are always here for Singapore.

RSAF and Army, your move.





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