Open Letter to NDP Participants

Dear NDP Participants,

By the time you have read this, you have completed the last of all rehearsals, the NDP Preview. Over five months of training, burnt weekends and six combined rehearsals at the Padang, you are almost at the end to the big day on August 9th.

I have been watching all of you every week from the grandstand and I thank you for the steadfast and professional commitment everyday Saturday. The myriad of people coming together to contribute one way or another, having their special role in this mother of all parade. A lot of effort, sweat, blood and tears are put into the success of the show.

To the Armour officer (below), urging his team to stay focus on queing the mobile column, just as their placards were blown away by the wind. He cues his men to bring in the hardware during Chapter 3 ” Strength”. To the volunteer ushers, some whom are task to operate the lifts at the National Gallery, although boring and uninspiring, your task ensure many of us do not have to climb six level of stairs to our destination. Many of you served as ushers and motivators, helping out the audience enjoy the NDP experience.


To the soldiers of Combat Service Support Command (CSSCOM), you contribution to the packing of over 1.25 million funpacks were breathtaking. To those who work silently behind the scene, ushering traffic, moving barricades, your grit and commitment deserve our salute.To the stage runners, literally running around pushing and keeping stuffs away from the stage.

blog-6128To the mobile column guys putting in a lot of time effort in putting together the biggest mobile column yet, polishing your tyres and cleaning your vehicle speckless clean. Working throughout the night to unload your vehicles at Kallang and back to the
blog-6040To those who contributed remotely in various parts of the island, the Air Force Engineers, the first in last out crew in every flying programme. The air traffic controllers who managed over 50 flying units in Singapore’s tiny airspace.

And last but not least the families, friends and partners of the participants, who had to let go their father, mother, boyfriends, sons and daughters to the countless weekends in preparations for the big day. I am grateful to my partner who willingly adjusted her weekends plans for me. =)

blog-5593 blog-5718


Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls. This will be the most important parade in your life. Fifty years ago many counted us as hopeless, and a year later we showed what we got, pure discipline and grit, on the very ground you have been marching on. Your uniform are prim and your drills are sharp. This 9 August you will march like you have never marched before, and show the world how fast and how far we have come. Enjoy the moment, and dance like you have never done before. I look forward to 9 August when City Hall will echo with our pledge, and our national anthem sung with pride.

Lets us proclaim, Majula Singapura.




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