Red Lions Adopts Wing Suit

Amidst the mid air drama of CR3, a keen eyed audience would notice a new addition to the Red Lions segment of NDP 15.

” 1st Jumper Out, Last jumper out”

One would have first noticed that the RLs jumped out from a C-130 Hercules aircraft, instead of a Super Puma helicopter.


After the said jumper managed to cut off his faulty chute, he deployed his spare chute, seen here in bright orange. Another feature keen on him is his winged suit, with the signature webbing between his limbs. It is said that the wing suit is able to keep the jumpers aloft longer by creating more lift and allowing the jumpers to be deployed further from the drop zone.  Whether the suit gave the jumper a little more time to troubleshoot his suit remains to be seen, but we are all glad that all jumpers landed safely on CR3.

Airborne all the way



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