SAF Best Units 2015



The results for the Singapore Armed Forces Best Unit Award is announced. For the consecutive 19th year, the 1st Commando Battalion clinched the Best Combat Unit.

Coffee and Bullets had the chance to visit the Commando Training Institute at Pasir Ris Camp and witness the CDO train in the new facility. The CTI houses the Airborne Training Facility, a mega set up to allow CDO to train for airborne jumps in a realistic scenario, regardless rain or shine. The complex has Chinook, and C130 mock ups both elevated and on the group to again enhance training in terms of aircraft exit procedures and roping tactics. The six story building is integrated with urban warfare facilities, with stairs, rooms to conduct room clearing and fire movements in built up areas.

Best Fleet Ship Award-RSS Tenacious 

Best Fighter Squadron-144 SQN

The venerable F-5S/T Tiger have been in service with the RSAF since 1979, and despite modern age fighter like the F-15SG and the F-16 being introduced, the F5 Squadron, 144 Squadron remain relevant and edges sharp. CO 144 SQN LTC Kelvin Tsai hosted the media earlier at Paya Lebar Airbase to showcase his men at work and the F-5, and the rare chance to peek into the 20mm gun bay of the F5.

saf-4537 saf-4540 saf-4558

While most of the materials and details will be used for future publications, all three key winners here demonstrated a high level of readiness, discipline and professionalism in operational duties.The consistency in performance by the respective units are echoed by the three Commanding Officers, which they believe is the main reason for clinching the Best Unit Awards.

Below is the full list of Award winners for Best Unit Award WY14/15


Active Units



Best Combat Unit

1st Commando Battalion

Best Infantry/Guards Unit

1st Battalion, Singapore Guards

Best Armour Unit

48th Battalion, Singapore Armoured Regiment

Best Artillery Unit

24th Battalion, Singapore Artillery

Best Signals Unit

1st Signal Battalion

Best Combat Support Unit

38th Battalion, Singapore Combat Engineers

Best Combat Engineers Unit

38th Battalion, Singapore Combat Engineers

Best Combat Service Support Unit

6th Army Maintenance Base

Best Fleet Unit

RSS Tenacious

Best Maritime Security Unit*

RSS Resilience

Best Naval Engineering & Logistics Unit*

Systems Readiness Engineering Centre (Weapons)

Best Fighter Squadron

144 Squadron

Best Helicopter Squadron

126 Squadron

Best Air Combat Support Squadron

112 Squadron

Best Ground Based Air Defence Unit

163 Squadron

Best Control Squadron

206 Squadron

Best Air Engineering Unit

807 Squadron

Best Air Logistics Unit*

Air Force Supply Centre

National Service (NS) Units



Best NS Infantry/Guards Unit

688th Battalion, Singapore Infantry Regiment 700th Battalion, Singapore Infantry Regiment 787th Battalion, Singapore Infantry Regiment 740th Battalion, Singapore Guards

611st Battalion, Singapore Infantry Regiment

Best NS Armour Unit

485th Battalion, Singapore Armoured Regiment

Best NS Artillery Unit

289th Battalion, Singapore Artillery

Best NS Combat Engineers Unit

321st Battalion, Singapore Combat Engineers

Best NS Signals Unit

9th Signal Battalion

Best NS Combat Service Support Unit

8th Combat Service Support Battalion

Best Naval NS Unit*

RSS Vigilance


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