Stand By Funpack!

The National Day Parade (NDP) Committee has unveiled the designs and contents of the NDP Funpack for NDP 2015. This year’s funpack features a tote bag with 50 designs from Singaporeans as well as organisations.


All Singaporean and PR household will receive one funpack, known as the SG funpack, which totals to over 1.2 million of them. The NDP funpack issued at the NDP itself is identical to the SG funpack, expect there are more food content in the bag.

A couple of highlight in this funpack is the Singa Figurine (15 designs), so feel free to exchange with your friends to collect them all. You can also purchase them at the Kindness Gallery from July onwards.

Some 1960s super nostalgics items and food are packed in various combinations as well. These include flag erasers, capteh, Haw Flakes, Chocolate Bangle candies and murruku.


Content of the NDP Funpack are :


Mineral Water

Packet Drink

Bread Chips




Nostalgic Items

Singa Figurine

Show Pamphlets

Souvenir and Discount Booklet

LED Balloon Maraca


Face Tattoo

SG Scarf

Fan and Cap

Disposal Bag, Poncho and Tissues.

Content of the SG Funpack are:


Instant Cereal

Nostalgic Items

Singa Figurine

LED Balloon Maraca


Face Tattoo


Replica of Proclamation of Singapore

NDP Poster


A nice touch is the Replica of Proclamation of Singapore, an important piece of document which was signed by the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew at the City Hall 50 years ago.

The public will get more details on their funpack collection soon, as well as if their ballot for NDP ticket is successful. A NDP exhibition will take place at Marina Sq from 5th June. Coffee and Bullets will bring you more of NDP 2015 as the date draws closer


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