RSN Names New Ships

The Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) has released the names for their eight new Littoral Mission Vessels (LMV). The LMV will eventually replace the eleven Fearless-class Patrol Vessel in service now. The eight names are:









If these names strike a cord or two, they are the current names in the Fearless-class PVs. Indomitable, Fortitude are new names.

While the RSN initially had launched a ship naming competition earlier this year, many were up in arms for re-using the names. A few also suggested that the lead ship Independence would probably hint that the LMV would be the Independence-class LMV, a mirror of the United States’s trimaran Independence-class LCS. Defense media practitioners now have to clearly state the between the two littorals Independence  

Credit RSN Facebook

Credit RSN Facebook

To further emphasise  how re-used the names are, the “Independence-class” were used for the first six patrol crafts used in the 1960s. They were;

Independence (P69)

Freedom (P70)

Justice (P71)

Sovereignty (P72)

Daring (P73)

Dauntless (P74)

In other words, the names were recycled for three generations of patrol vessels since our independence (no pun intended).The last time a public ship naming campaign was for the current Formidable-class frigates. While it was a new class/ line of ships, the public came up with six ‘unique’ names for the ships. Although Intrepid was old name reused from the old County-class LSTs.

What are you views on the RSN reusing names in the current fleet for future vessels whilst launching a public competition to name the ships? While reusing ship names are common throughout the globe, CnB feels that the RSN should have better managed the public’s expectations on the naming campaign, since many would have cracked their heads to come up with new and fitting names for a new class of vessels. One would have expected results like those of from the Frigate naming competition.  Not to forget, these campaigns are funded by taxpayer’s money hence the outcome will be greatly scrutinised.

Feel free to drop a comment or two on your views! Have a great weekend!



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