The Singapore Army Exhibition

The Singapore Army held a mini heartlands exhibition earlier this weekend at Tampines Central. Named “Our Army Exhibition- A Soldier In Every Family”, the small scaled event had booths from all formations of the Army setting up booths under the same roof. Pardon the photography, as it is haphazardly taken from my handphone.


Highlights and crowd favourites are the paintball shooting from a Tavor assault rifle lookalike, which in some ways, the rifle which SAR-21 is based upon. You will be shooting at a target 2m away, so shame on you if you can’t get hits on it. The crowd can try out the Loris night vision sights in the dark room and as with any heartland event, a Photo Booth for the young and old.

Here at the Armour booth, is it manned by an actual crew of a Leopard tanks, with its Commander, Gunner, Driver and Loader. Try out the gunner simulator, where the handle replicates the real turret stick. The gunner takes about 6 months to train on these simulators as well as the real stuff before being qualified as


Other hardware include the Skyblade III mini UAV at the Army Intelligence booth and the Light Strike Vehicle Mk II at the Guards Booth. Here you can see the increased size of the LSV with the boys on the front row, with room to spare. This time round the Army exhibition has no fire arms on display, except of the GPMG and Spike missile on the LSV. Commando booth showcases the various parachutes used by the Commandos, including the standard Static Line chute, tandem chute and competition free fall chute.

army-4 army-5 army-6 army-7


The next location for the Army exhibition will be at Jurong East, while the line up is still uncertain, with the bigger and accessible space at Jurong, I do hope to see more from the Army, like the Terrex or at least a Bionix. Nonetheless it will be a great place to bring your kids to during the weekend for a hour or so, and educate them more about the SAF. Be sure to collect all block uniform paper figures, in various uniforms. The Jurong exhibition is on from 4th Dec-7th Dec 2014, 10am-10pm. Sincere thanks to the regular and NSF servicemen and women who burned their weekends to facilitate and man the event!


Yang Pertama Dan Utama



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