RSAF45 @ Heartlands

Over the past month, the Republic of Singapore Air Force held two RSAF45 @ Heartlands, first at Toa Payoh Central and there other at Jurong East. This series of events is part of the ongoing RSAF 45th Anniversary celebrations, and bringing the RSAF closer to the masses by going to accessible areas in the heartlands. The exhibition can be easily be separated into two sections, indoors and outdoors. The indoors area features the history of the RSAF since 1968, peacekeeping and humanitarian operations and other information on the networked air force. Crowd favourites, especially for the young, are the F-16 simulators, and the Mistral arcade style game. Also in the indoor section are some informative panels on the various control zones of the RSAF, departure profiles of the various assets, and some public education on kite flying, aero modelling etc. However I do have to say these boards are tucked away in a corner and in a book-style panel, which will be hard to spot.

45-1151 45-1152 45-1153


Highlight will be the various RSAF assets in the outdoor exhibition area, featuring air defence systems like the I-Hawk, Mech-Igla, Mistral and the rare to see V200 with RBS70. Thus far, the SPYDER-SR system is only spotted at the Toa Payoh show. UAV Command deployed the Hermes 450 and depending on area, the new Heron 1 UAV.  Despite not being able to drag down a F-15 or helicopter into the area, RSAF tried to replicate the flying assets with a foam ‘F-15’ and Super Puma, both of which the appearance and paint job can be better improved. Nonetheless, one can get valuable insights of the RSAF from the informative panels and up close look of the war fighting equipment. Do drop by and support our airmen and women.

RSAF45@Heartlands will be at three more locations, Sengkang 23-24 Aug, Yishun MRT 30-31 Aug and the last at Simei MRT 6-7 Sep.



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