What to Expect for NDP 14

The NDP 14 Preview was held at the Floating Platform yesterday with a massive turnout from the audience. Here is a rundown of the show, and things to look out for a better NDP experience.


This year’s edition is directed by stage maestro Dick Lee and he has reserved nothing to ensure a memorable show. The theme is Our People Our Home, and revolves around a few slogans “Celebrate it, Live it, Love it, Be it” that forms the core of the show. You will see a new combo of hosts for NDP 14, which is made up of Hossan Leong from “We are Singaporeans”, Jean Danker of Class 95, comedian Siti Khalijah, actor Ebi Shankara and 987fm DJ Joakim Gomez. 

The show will officially begin with Jack and Rai ‘indie’ version of 2009 theme song What Do You See, take note of the 5 main characters in the MTV and later you will get to see the intimate and sometimes struggles of their lives as the celebration moves on into the show segment.

Another rendition of old national day songs is the unplugged version of We Will Get There and One People One Nation One Singapore. Now, despite not having an official national day song for 2014, Dick Lee and his composers created and insert a song into the celebration. While there has been no official name for this song yet I shall name it “Big Island”. This highly catchy song brought much energy to the stage and if you listen carefully has very meaningful lyrics, citing difficulties and struggles Singapore once faced as a new nation.

Update: Big Island is actually written 20 years ago and rearranged for this NDP. Dick Lee managed to reveal some information of the song to me “The song Big Island was originally sung by a girl group I produced in the mid-80s called Lolita, and I later covered it on my own 1996 album Singapop, released only in Japan”

Parade and ceremony (P&C) section is fronted by the military tattoo by the SAF / SPF/ NCC/ NPCC bands and the Military Police silent drill squad. Those who are unfamiliar with military tattoo, they are an integral part of many military units in the West. Our SAF Band was recently at Scotland, participating in the famous Edinburgh Military Tattoo. This year marks the 30 years of Total Defence, and the supporting contingents will form an human formation of TD 30, and there will be commentary on the equipments of the crowd favourites, the Dynamic Defence Display (D3). To see more of D3 display, click here.



Expect plenty of pyrotechnics from the stage as they goes of in sync with Big Island and your favourite NDP songs. Dance moves are less dynamic but the focus is on the stories of the 5 people I mentioned earlier. If the music cant get you moving and cheering, there will be flag party and cheer leaders to keep you going at the finale.

No NDP is complete without a sound bite from Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s famous speeches in the days where he reminded everyone the reason behind each NDP. Pledge is taken followed by the orchestral version of the anthem, which is in my opinion a better way to sing it than the slow and soft acapella version sung a few NDPs before. The party will end with your favourite NDP songs. Take plenty of photos as this will be the last year NDP will be held at the floating platform in many years to come. NDP 15 will be held at Padang and the years after at the National Stadium.


The roads around Marina will be closed and there will be waves of people around the vicinity. Therefore if you have spare time, catch a movie at Marina before heading out of the area as public transport will be in an overdrive, coupled with massive human and traffic jams. Oh yes, and due to flight and your drone’s safety, and please be reminded that drones are prohibited in the Marina Bay area.


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