NDP 14 : D3 Display

A standard feature of the National Day Parade is the Dynamic Defence Display (D3) segment where the Singapore Armed Forces, Home Team, ie Singapore Police Force, Singapore Civil Defence , feature their latest hardware to the public, not only to boost public confidence, commitment to defence, but also a deterrence to potential foes. Due to a longer parade segment this year, the D3 will be carried out at a later time after the civilian supporting contingents marches off. The NDP committee hosted some media guests last week, and I managed to get a preview of the D3 segment, and the static display which is at the DUKW Duck Tour launch site.


Leo 2SG and Bionix Mk II (30mm) in fresh coat of Temasek Green


Two Leopard 2SG from 48th Singapore Armoured Regiment (SAR) will headline the D3 display, with two other Bionix Mk II. The Leopards have been a NDP regular since 2010, and here with its SG upgrade, features the Advance Modular Armour Protection which consist of the composite armour and slat armour at the rear, which is particularly useful against Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPG).

Also being on NDP for the second year is the Guard’s Light Strike Vehicle (LSV) Mark II. Seen with the CIS.50 and Spike STGM variants. As seen below next to the driver, the Battlefield Management System is now  being integrated onto the LSV.

49-8501 49-9048

Artillery is represented by the HIMARS of 23rd Singapore Artillery(SA), (right) and Primus Self Propelled Howitzer from 21st SA (foreground). Seen below with the Primus travel lock disengaged and turret traversed.




Final segment from the Armed Forces are the quiet Terrex Infantry Combat Vehicle (ICV) of 5 Singapore Infantry Regiment (SIR), one of the two units (other being 2 SIR), that operates the Terrex as part of the new Mechanised Infantry. Depending on requirement, the Terrex is able to be mounted with various small arms (eg STK 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher, CIS .50 MG (below)) on the Remote Weapons System, which enable the vehicle the provide sufficient fire support for the dismounted troops. Like other SAF land assets, they are linked up to the Battlefield Management System as well.


49-8471 49-8484

The sole rep from the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) for the D3 segment are the two SPYDER-SR launchers from 165 Squadron. The Spyder, first revealed in 2011, has since replaced the Rapier SAM system as part of RSAF’s multi layered air defence systems, which includes the I-HAWK, future Aster-30 and other up coming assets. You might notice that the SPYDER will not be elevating the launcher in the show, due to height restrictions from the platform itself. The missiles of the SPYDER seen below, are the Python 5 (outer two)  IR guided missile, and Derby (inner) radar guided missile, and can be fitted in any configuration.



To round up the land show, the Singapore Police Force’s Special Operation Command did a short cameo with their operatives and vehicles.


I have given a very thorough brief of the SCDF’s Pump Ladder (PL) vehicle by Staff Sergeant  CC Lim, who has all the facts and mind boggling figures on the PL right at his finger tips. The PL’s serial number 451 actually can be decoded as the the 4 Division, 5th Fire Station (Tuas View?), and 1, Chief’s vehicle. The PL, packs a wide array of equipment to enable the firefighters to tackle any known threats, from Hazardous Materials to floods in the city. Its water tank can hold around 2500 litres of water, not to mention the ability to pump water out from hydrants on its own . The SCDF also featured their Unmanned Fire Fighting Machine, which was delivered in March this year. The UFM allows fire fighting operations to be carried up in hazardous areas, without putting lives at risk. The fan is able to throw out water up to 60m and is particularly helpful in high intensity fires. 
49-8508 49-8510 49-851149-8506



Overall, I am impressed by the men and women in the D3 segment, and after a chat with them, they have shown great professionalism and knowledge of their respective equipment, especially the Full Time National Servicemen. Despite a 30 second show, they practise tirelessly at the staging area on their moves and making sure their vehicles are in top form. Many thanks to Mindef and Home Team for their dedication and time to this year’s NDP, and for hosting the media group.

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