Quick Thoughts : On War Relics and SAF Day Promos

The social media of the Singapore Armed Forces has been buzzing with activities lately. The Singapore Army has defused a war relic, a 4.5 inch High Explosive shell found at a Geylang construction site, the second in about a week after construction workers found a hand grenade in Marine Parade. Similarly, the three services are busy spreading words of concessions for soldiers for SAF Day at an unprecedented rate.

War Relics War relics, despite its name in relation to religious artefacts, are no where valuable but in fact dangerous. Most of these relics are shells, bombs and grenades from the Second World War. These numerous posts are an avenue to showcase the Engineers’ Explosive Ordnance Disposal team, while it is no Hurt Locker scenario, working on any form of explosive device is a 50/50 Russian Roulette and cannot be taken lightly while getting rid of them. More importantly, it reminded us on how hard Singapore was shelled and bombed during the late 1941 and the intense fighting that took place around the jungle island till her fall in Feb 15 1942. It is a chapter of Singapore history that cannot be forgotten in the midst of rapid urban development. War relics has always been found every now and then but now with social media, the spread and reach of news is more profound. Credits: Singapore Army

SAF Day Promotions This year’s SAF Day will probably see the largest participation of commercial promotion yet for the men and women in uniform. Although SAF Day has been celebrated by Mindef since 1968, it was not only till year that retailers are invited to show their appreciation. The 2014 edition will see a platter of 120 participants offering their goodies. With SAF being one of the biggest employer in the nation and her vast numbers of reserve soldiers, and large social media supporters, it is no surprise more retailers ride the SAF bandwagon this time. An interesting thought by many is that the offer only apply to the 1st July, a weekday when most regular soldiers will be in camp or busy with the SAF Day parade, thus defeating the purpose of the offer in the first place. Some has extended their promotion to the weekend, 6th July. Since almost all Singaporean men hold a green SAF 11B card, I believe this year’s SAF day promotion campaign will be well received. A step forward, retailers can offer permanent offers to regular SAF soldiers and personnels, showing their valid camp pass will differenticate themselves from the NSmen. Appreciating SAF and I hope in the future a bigger Home Team day can engage the hearts of these uniformed personnel even more, and like bigger countries such as USA, Israel, Sweden and Switzerland, lets make wearing the uniform in the public a proud thing to do and part of the country’s culture to appreciate service men.


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