Navy @ Vivo 3 – Quick Tour.

The Republic of Singapore Navy is back at Vivo with their Navy @ Vivo event, this time with LST RSS Persistence. This is the third time the RSN is holding such ‘community outreach’ program, first in 2013 with frigate, RSS Intrepid and RSS Endurance later in the same year. Its been a while since I was up the LST, and this is a welcoming event for myself and my partner. The four day event ends on 1 June 2014. YH-7548   YH-7512 YH-7507YH-7515     The ship tour starts on the flight deck with exhibits from the Republic of Singapore Air Force’s Super Puma from 125 Sqn, a regular on RSN’s LSTs. Also present on the flight deck is the Army Guard’s Light Strike Vehicle Mk II and the Scan Eagle UAV. The tour is by far one of the most comprehensive tours around the ship, bringing you through the wardrooms, the bridge and also the Combat Information Centre and the Helicopter Flight Control Room, over looking the flight deck. YH-7516The hanger of the Persistence, note the area the two girls are standing at, they are actually ramps that allows vehicles and cargo to be lowered up/down into the tank deck and flight deck. YH-7541 YH-7532 Unlike the second Navy at Vivo even with Endurance, this time the RSN is carrying out Fast Craft Utility (FCU) rides from the well dock of the LST. Interested parties please remember to wear covered shoes and ladies are recommended not to wear skirt/ dresses as the ship visit involves lots of steep stairs and wind coming in and out from vents. The crew are extremely friendly and professional in making your visit to the Persistence a pleasant one. Placards are placed all across the ship to educate you on the parts of function of the ships, so you will not be lost even without a guide. YH-7530 The Persistence had refitted herself with two Matra Simbad Mistral launchers both on starboard and port, removing the Typhoon 25mm guns they might have equipped themselves with during their Gulf Operations . Kids can try out the Mistral simulator in the indoor exhibitions within Vivo itself. YH-7510 Navy @ Vivo is an awesome opportunity for the masses to get close to the RSN without travelling miles to Changi Naval Base, within reach of shopping/ air con facilities and the MRT. I recall the days the RSN and foreign navies anchor their ships at Vivo for public visits and I am glad RSN is bringing this back into tradition again, without having us to wait three years for the next Open House. Parking a 6,500 tonnes LST at one of the most popular tourist attraction in Singapore makes it a sight to behold too. Kudos to guys at 191 Squadron and various RSN units, e.g. Naval Diving Unit for making this happen again. 20140117_201818


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