Total Defence 30 Exhibition

As part of International Security Assistant Force (ISAF), the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) deployed a UAV Task Group to Tarin Kowt, Uruzgan in Afghanistan for a three months deployment in 2010Men from 128 Squadron operated the IAI Searcher UAV to provide real time aerial intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) for the Coalition Command element there.


Searcher is in the process of being replaced by the bigger Heron I UAV from 119 Squadron seen at the Singapore Airshow 14. If you have missed the UAV in the SAF Afghan Ops Exhibitions last year, the RSAF Searcher is here at the National Museum of Singapore again. The UAV shelter is sometimes unmanned (no pun intended), if the poor lonely UAV airman is away on break. All this is part of the Total Defense 30 (TD 30) exhibition happening right now till the end of this weekend.

Also in the RSAF booth is the RBS 70 Short ranged Air Defence System (SHORAD) simulator. This man portable missile system is used in key installations around the island, protecting them from threats from the skies. The guys from 816 Squadron brought in their self developed Seal Pressure Tester. Used on the CH-47SD Chinook, the device quickly tests the rotor head in a single go, this exponentially increase the work rate and man hours saved. td-8544

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Side by side the RSAF booth are the Navy and Army booth, displaying the Protector USV and the Light Strike Vehicle Mk II from the Guards respectively.


The bigger and heavily manned Navy booth has the Navy orbat and her capabilities on display. Also spotted are the two different outfit donned by the Navy boarding team. The soldier on the right is from 180 Squadron and is wearing the pixelated uniform commonly used in low risk boarding situations. He is armed with an H&K MP-5 submachine gun with foldable buttstock and a Sig P226 as his sidearm. The NDU soldier is in the ‘high risk’ outfit, obviously better protected with his Kevlar helmet and body armour. He is armed with a H&K HK416 assault rifle and Glock 17 pistol. Not seen is his gas-mask puch and Camel Back water bag on his back.

The Army booth showcases the men from the Singapore Combat Engineers, responsible for responding to various war relics found recently around the island. On display are various mine and bomb disposal equipment used and you are also able to sample the Army ration that made its circulation around the web lately.

Other arms of the Total Defence like the Singapore Civil Defence Force, POSB etc all have their booths set up all around the National Museum. Exhibition ends this Sunday at 8pm


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