The New RSAF Commercial and Recruitment Campaign.

Yesterday, The Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) organised the RSAF 45 Family Day, to bring the friends and families of RSAF to the Pavilion at the Singapore Airshow. It was also the first time we catch a glimpse of the new RSAF Commercial which was also aired for the first time over prime time TV at 7:30pm.

The commercial plot is the over-used “Detect, Scramble, Engage” seen in almost every RSAF corporate video. A computed rendered Heron 1 flies over the horizon and detects activity on the ‘enemy’ airfield (a close look will tell you which base it is), and Shikra radar (which sounds like R2D2) scans and detects an Unknown track. Air Warfare Officers quickly react upon the threat and scrambles the fighter assets, where Spyder SAM system is activated together with AH-64D Longbow Apaches. F-15SG took to the skies and engage upon the faceless target.

The one minute clip ends of with tag line “See as One, Think as One, Act as One, One Force.”

The ad obviously exemplifies the different vocations coming together as One Air Force to fend of potential foes, but to have the Army and Naval elements to ultimately show the Air Force fighting as One SAF will be the cherry on the cake. The dull blue filter used in this ad and quick clips lacked the visual punch and after one minute, nothing is absorbed into the head, more so without any commentary. A minute in TV time costs premium and one shouldn’t be wasting funds on a silent video.

It seems only the latest equipments are shown, the F-15SG, Spyder SAM and Heron 1 UAV, and one who is familiar with air warfare and operations will know that the ad has multiple loop holes and errors in terms of factual accuracy, especially with potential foe looming and threatening to launch an air assault at you.

Looking back at the past RSAF ads, it has been a clean track record in terms of good concept, that they engage the emotional and psychological parts of the views, and with a decent voice over, many elements of the ad is actually etched in the head. ” Dream ” campaign in 2011 is still is one of the winners and sets the benchmark, with nice soundtrack , visual feast and simple yet meaningful lines, Runner Up would be ” Higher Purpose ” in 2005. One Force thus far, is below my expectations.


One Force campaign’s trump card will be the mobile app developed by local firm Swag Software. Despite the initial hiccup during launch, the self patching app allow errors and updates to be uploaded, with only the developers’ programming speed as the only denominator. As demonstrated at the RSAF 45 Pavilion, the app is able to detect scenes in the commercial by using high frequency and cue the respective vocation interviews.  Most vocations are featured in the app, and cinematics are slightly better than the telecasted commercial.

My only qualm is the usage of the same soundtrack for all clips, and the inability to go back to the vocation after the scene has changed.

rsaf-5224At the same time, posters set up in various locations in the city will unlock games respective to the particular vocation and challenges for the One Force game which allows you to build your own air base and strike other players in the system. I have yet to unlock the various missions and games, and will update accordingly when i get to do so.

The One Force App is now available for download on both iTunes Store and Google Play.


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