Chinese and Indonesian Aerobatic Teams to Debut at Singapore Airshow 14

UPDATE: I was just updated that the PLAAF will not be showing up at the Singapore Airshow 14 despite their initial enthusiasm to do so. My sincere apologies for bearing the bad news to all.

The Singapore Airshow 2014 will see two another aerobatic team taking part for the first time. They are the People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) August 1st, or Ba Yi Team and the Indonesian Air Force, Tentara Nasional Indonesia Angkatan Udara (TNI-AU) Jupiter Aerobatic Team.



The PLAAF team was founded when Indonesian President Sukarno requested for eight aircrafts to be escorts for his State visit to China in 1959. The Chinese Premier then, Zhou Enlai, agreed and formed a China Escort and Aerobatic Team, picking the best pilots and maintenance personnel China. Following the success of Sukarno’s escort flight, the China Escort and Aerobatic became a dedicated team which were then renamed in 1987 as the August 1st Aerobatic Display Team to commemorate the founding of People Liberation Army.

Bayi team now currently flies six indigenous J-10 Vigorous Dragon, which is the Chinese answer to the American F-16, to be built in large numbers and complemented with the Su-27/J-11 fighters. Singapore is also the second country after Russia that the Chinese is performing outside China and is also the first time the J-10 is visiting the island state.

Making their fourth ASEAN visit after Thailand, Langkawi and BRIDEX in Brunei, the Indonesian Jupiter Aerobatic Team (JAT) will be making their debut here in Singapore Airshow 2014. They operates six Korean made KT-1 Wong Bee turboprop trainer, which were delivered in 2003. Re-formed in 2008 after the disband of the team in the late 1990s due to the Asian Financial Crisis, the Yogyakarta based JAT is trained by the Royal Australian Air Force ‘Roulettes’  team, which flies the turboprop PC-9, aircraft of similar performance and shape as the KT-1. Expect slow but sharp moves, as seen like the Roulettes routine in 2012.


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