RSAF’s New Commercial Campaign

Follow the Singapore Army’s How Far Would You Go commercial campaign ,the Republic of Singapore Air Force has released a trailer of their latest commercial. Called ‘One Force’, the latest ad had snippets of the SPYDER SAM system, the F-15SG and the RSAF C3 unit. One will also able to download the “OneForce” app on their phones for games and videos (although my phone refuse to load the app and it seems it is temporary removed from Google Play)

Update 1 -31 Jan

-The App is relaunched from a 11 MB file to a whopping 77 MB file.

-Upon opening on Samsung Galaxy S3, the loading page refuse to reach the main menu. =(

3 Feb


Managed to get into the game and started playing. The game has many realistic elements to it, like for example a squadron building, service depot and UAV command building, not to mention almost all the RSAF orbat platform available, including SAM sites for air defence. You will get to build up your base and conduct attack missions onto other players, gaining experience and money along the way.

iceland-07 iceland-28


Also, which is also a great touch, the addition of various vocation personnels, such as Air Warfare Officer and Air Force Engineer will increase the efficiency of your base. Complete tasks to gain more points and money

Other content include a Black Knights coin collecting game and videos from the RSAF ad.


The big and detailed game is great entertainment for all aviation fans, those who had a stint with programming will understand that there are bound to have little bugs here and there. Kudos to the guys at Swag Software . Support a local company!

Posters of the same campaign are already up in bus stops etc. The simplistic poster with a solo F-15SG soaring vertically, connotes the ‘One’ Force idea, but the type font and design style do remind me of the Secret Life of Walter Mitty poster.


Watch this space for analysis of the ad, set to be released on 8 Feb

Have a Great Chinese New Year and remember those who gave up their reunion dinner to be on duty!

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