When No News is Really Good News- The Reason Why There Are Unsung Heroes

In reality, fictional Superheroes like Captain America, Superman and gang would have to make a run for their buck , for they have to step aside for the lay man unsung heroes. Consider this theory; Crime and violence rages across New York City, sending fear amongst the people of Big Apple, Spiderman steps in, put the bad guys in jail and appears in front page for doing what he did, and the cycle goes on week after weeks. Spiderman, although lauded as a ‘superhero’ has failed in his primary duty as a hero by deterring crime and vice. And compare to; A city state has enjoyed a lifetime of peace, no breaking news of terror, and a group of silent aegis stand guard ensuring this remains for time to come.

The latter is especially true for the people in the business of national and homeland defense, where their sole purpose of their existence is to safeguard the integrity of the society and nation, and let the people get on with their lives peacefully. In Spiderman Theory above, the poor people have to worry about their safety, and if walking down that alley would lead to an armed robbery, and if so, Spiderman gets the lime-light, at the expense of fear stricken victims.

When no new is the best news, its is a pat on the back, these unsung heroes have succeeded in deterring threat and ensuring safety to the people. Take the people in the air traffic control as an example, a good day is not averting an accident in the nick of time, and appearing as a hero, but a seamless/uneventful session, for one primary mission is to provide safe ATC, in which you are in full control. A good day in the police is a day without people calling in for help, and you have successfully deterred crime. No news in the Emergency Room is good news, meaning less people is in harm’s way.

Once in a while, someone will have the audacity to test the system. Remember the Mas Selamat’s escape, the interception of Cessna aircraft in 2008 and Little India Riot in 2013? Finally a face was put on the people who took control of these incidents, but for a while, the people held their breath in shock and worry.

Its the peaceful way of life that everyone is striving to defend. During my stint in the service, I came across this motto, “ Serve To Preserve”. These three simple words aptly describe the nature of work and the objective of these faceless heroes, serving to preserve the integrity of the country, and to preserve the people’s peaceful way of life.


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